Git Cheat sheet

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Git commands which software development teams uses/come across frequently.

  1. Create new remote repository and add it to local repo:
  • First create a repository on GitHub and copy it’s URL.
  • Initialize a local folder/directory as Git repo .
$ git init
  • Add new remote repo to local directory.
$ git remote add origin

2. Get status of all changes made on local repository:

$ git status .

3. Add all the changes to remote repository:

$ git add .

4. Committing and pushing to remote repository:

$ git commit -m "A short message for list of changes made"
$ git push
$ git push -f #to forcefully push regardless of warning

5. New branch creation: git branch <branch-name> creates the branch and git checkout <branch-name> changes the current branch to newly created branch.

$ git branch first-react-project
$ git checkout first-react-project
#Shortcut way...just need one command
$ git checkout -b first-react-project

6. Pushing new local branch to remote

git push --set-upstream origin <local-branch-name>

7. Copying the content from one branch to another:

  • Copying content of another branch into current branch locally.
  • Committing the changes
  • Pushing the modifications
$ git checkout master . #copies content present in master to present                        branch
$ git commit -m "Copied project from master branch"
$ git push -u origin first-react-project

8. Delete a branch: Ensure you are currently out of the branch which is to be deleted.

$ git branch -d first-project #deletes locally
$ git push origin --delete first-project #deletes remote branch

9. List branches for the repo:

$ git branch
* learner-react-projects

10. Overwrite content of master with content of another branch: Suppose I want to overwrite all content of master with that of ‘learner-react-projects’ branch.

$ git checkout learner-react-projects
$ git merge -s ours master
$ git checkout master
$ git merge learner-react-projects




Learner. Observer. Interested in software development.

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Akanksha Pardeshi

Akanksha Pardeshi

Learner. Observer. Interested in software development.

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