In this blog we will be talking on Social Media Information Extraction using Natural Language Processing. We welcome you to the World of Information Extraction through Natural Language Processing. So before jumping directly on how information is extracted, let’s first talk about the need of Extraction of Information from Social…


  • Node js
  • Npm
  • VS Code
  1. Create a new project. In my case it’s apollo-testing.
  2. Open the code in VS Code.
  3. Create a file name “index.js” inside the folder
  4. Open terminal in VS code and execute below commands. npm init -y converts your folder into Node js project with package.json…
Photo by Yancy Min on Unsplash

Git commands which software development teams uses/come across frequently.

  1. Create new remote repository and add it to local repo:
  • First create a repository on GitHub and copy it’s URL.
  • Initialize a local folder/directory as Git repo .
$ git init
  • Add new remote repo to local directory.
$ git remote…

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